Islam being the predominant religion in UAE the local customs and traditions of UAE is influenced to a great extent by this religion. However it does not make UAE a closed society. It seeks to promote the best in its traditions and customs so that the nation becomes vibrant and attractive to all the people.

Politeness and courteous behavior is very much visible while dealing with guest of any kind. While enjoying food with other people of UAE one is supposed to eat with the right hand. The aromic and sugarless coffee forms a very important part of the customs of UAE. 

Although Arabic is the official language of the country communicating in English is not a problem in UAE. Even sign board of business establishments and restaurants appear in both the language. Thus the tolerant culture of UAE is reflected in all the local customs and tradition of UAE.


As part of wedding traditions in UAE, the finalization of marriage date marks the beginning of the preparations for bride's grooming for her wedding, which at times can be quite elaborate. In preparation for her wedding day, she is given best of foods and supposed to take lots of rest. Traditionally, she is not supposed to be seen for forty days except for her family members and relatives. As her wedding day approaches, she is anointed with a variety of traditional oil and perfumes from head to toe and her hair is washed with extracts of amber and jasmine. On the night of Laylat Al Henna the bride's hand and feet are decorated with henna. The family members and relatives sing and dance traditional songs and express their joy. The marriage is more of contractual in nature rather than being religious. The groom also needs preparation for his marriage but as compared to the bride it is very less. 

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