Tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi

 Attractions of Abu Dhabi are as diverse as salt and sugar. On one hand, you can feel the bounteousness of nature's magnificence in this city, and on the other, you'll rave about the creative brilliance of human brain, as seen through the architectural marvels that adorn Abu Dhabi's skyline. On your tours to Abu Dhabi, you will have numerous options, as far as tourist attractions are concerned. The Corniche, Abu Dhabi is the result of man-made excellence. The most-visited attraction of Abu Dhabi, the Corniche is beautifully landscaped with a beachfront location, public parks, fountains, resting areas, ET ALThe Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation hosts numerous cultural events all through the year. This place also has a library, theater, meeting rooms, exhibition centers, etc, and is the ideal place to learn about the Culture of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi offers something special for each of its visitors. Whatever your subject of interest may be, this city's attractions will cater to your preferences and make your holidays in Abu Dhabi a memorable one.

 Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second largest city of the United Arab Emirates in terms of population and the largest of the seven member emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi lies on a T-shaped island jutting into the Persian Gulf from the central western coast. The city proper had a population of 621,000 in 2012.

Abu Dhabi houses important offices of the federal government, and is the seat for the United Arab Emirates Government and the home for the Abu Dhabi Emri family and the President of the UAE from this family. Abu Dhabi has grown to be a cosmopolitan metropolis. Its rapid development and urbanization, coupled with the relatively high average income of its population, has transformed Abu Dhabi to a larger and advanced metropolis. Today the city is the country's center of political, industrial activities, and a major cultural, and commercial center due to its position as the capital. Abu Dhabi alone generated 56.7% of the GDP of the United Arab Emirates in 2008.

Corniche, Abu Dhabi


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